The Beginning

Hi. My name is Baylie.  I’m a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix. My mom rescued me from an awful situation when I was about 6 weeks old. I was found by a nice man who scooped me up when my K-9 mom dropped me from her mouth while running.   What made it super scary for me was that we were running on the side of a busy highway and there was a big bad dog chasing us.  My K-9 Mom tried her best to …hold on to me really tight, but I was just too heavy.  But that’s o.k. she did the best she could.  So the nice man saw her drop me so he scooped me up really fast so the mean dog couldn’t get me. He tried to help my K-9 Mom, too, but she ran.
The nice man couldn’t keep me so he took me to where my human mom works to see if anyone would be willing to take me in for a while.  Well, when my human mom and I met, it was love at first sight. I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist me even if I wasn’t very pretty at that moment. I was muddy, covered in fleas and lice. I must say, I was a hot mess.  But none of that mattered to my mom. She took me home gave me something to eat and drink and then gave me a bath to try to remove the first layer of dirt.  She then whisked me away to see my vet lady and the nice folks at the Ark Animal Hospital.  I must say, they all made a big fuss over me.  Then they gave me a medicated bath {{{{chills{}}}}, and I received my first vaccinations.  It wasn’t so bad. Afterward, my mom wrapped me in a towel and took me home where I ate more yummy food, met my new family, including my feline sister, Smoki, and I slept, and slept, safe at last in my new mommy’s arms.   My sister, Smoki, is a work in progress. She doesn’t like me too much right now, but I’m growing on her day by day. I just don’t understand why she won’t play with me.  She makes this odd hissing sound that I’m not familiar with.  I wonder, will I hiss like that when I get older..oh well…so much to learn.
Mom said there must be a reason that God, unexpectedly, plopped me in her arms on that day. So, I think she has resigned herself to keeping me for ever and ever. Yippee!!!  She even told me we are going to do something really fun to help cheer up people who are sad or not feeling so well.  Well, I don’t like seeing anyone sad so I can’t wait to get started! She mentioned the words, therapy dog, but I’m just too young to understand that!  But it does sound super fun! Mom has I have to calm down, bunches, first.  She calls me her wild child! Hope you will be my friend so you can follow my journey from puppy to adulthood!  xoxo, Baylie

  • barb merchant

    Baylie, my little niece, is just the smartest puppy ever and she writes so well! I am enjoying the Baylie Dog blog!

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying our journey, Barbara!