My 10 Reasons To Adopt a Puppy

1.          Guaranteed weight loss without spending a dime on gym membership.  I lost 8 lbs. and three inches.

2.         Puppies make excellent cleaners. Any morsel of food, crumbs, paper or spills  are lapped up by your puppy in a nanosecond.

3.       No need for an alarm clock. Your wake-up call for the next six months will be when the sun comes up or when it’s time for puppy’s breakfast or potty whichever occurs first. You’ll also get to see what your back yard looks like in the moonlight at 3:00 a.m. while you are out potty training.

4.         You’ll never worry about your cat becoming bored or obese. She will now  get plenty of exercise and stimulation running  laps inside the house; jumping from furniture to furniture to avoid the puppy.

5.         You get to shop for a new wardrobe; including shoes!  Most of your wardrobe now sports those little puppy teething holes or  stubborn puppy drool stains.

6.         You’ll make new friends, whether you want them are not!

7.          A strong vocabulary  is no longer a necessity.  Your sentences will now consist of simple  words like, stay, sit, leave it,  drop it and no bite.  Just recently instead of asking a client if they  would like to take a seat, I told them to “sit“. I stopped short
of  “drop it“.

8.         Throw away those gardening tools. You now have a professional digger in the  family! From this point on, you will have no  landscaping. But, if you need  a hole dug, just leave the puppy alone in the yard for any period of time and  viola.

9.         You get to go on scavenger hunts. Yep, every day, you scout the yard for poop to  scoop. I don’t think the cat would mind  sharing her litter pan, do you?

10.       If you want your heart to melt each time those big, sad eyes look deep into  your soul, then get a puppy.  If you want to be loved,  unconditionally, despite  your flaws and greeted at the door as if you have been away for an eternity, then  get a puppy.

“If a dog won’t come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” –     Woodrow Wilson