Baylie Dog – “Are Clothes Really A Necessity?”

I can’t move

Baylie here.  When mom rescued me on that fateful day last January, and I settled into my new home, mom and I sat down to have a little tete-a-tete …you know, girl to girl to lock down some house rules.  I put my paw down on a multitude of issues, but most notably of which is that, “I will not wear frou-frou doggie clothes; end of conversation.  Seems I should have expanded the no frou-frou clothes clause in my contractual agreement to read  “no clothes of any description or on any occasion; no how, no way.”  

Now, I don’t think the no clothes clause should be a mandatory rule for all doggies; as some of us K-9’s  love to play dress-up and look super cute in a frilly frock.  However, I’m just not the girly girl type.  I fit the mold of the rough and tumble tomgirlpup of a gal. My idea of fun is playing ball or frisbee in the back yard.  Frilly dresses and digging in the dirt; my favorite pastime, just don’t mesh.

Mom lived up to the no dress-up rule for the first seven months of my life; until today. God love her, she tried.   I could see the look in her eyes and hear the thrill in her voice when she came toward me with a bright green t-shirt in hand.  It had “Volunteer” written on the back.  How befitting.  I had an inkling of suspicion right off the bat that, soon, I would be wearing it because mom never wears t-shirts unless it is a requirement for a special event.   Bolting was my first instinct, but I decided to relax and go with the flow. After all, it could have been worse; pink with lace.  I sat quietly while she stretched and pulled and tugged and stretched again until I was suited up.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her I wear a medium now rather than a small. I’m big-boned.  It didn’t feel that uncomfortable; just a little snug, that is, until I attempted to move.  I decided straight away that it would not be in my best interest to venture from my current position.  Yep, I froze; would not take a step. I now know what it feels like to be in one of those Thundershirt thingamabobs for pets.  Straight jacket also came to mind. 

I came out of my first dress-up ordeal unscathed with no lasting psychological damage and feel a sense of relief, for now, because it is Summer here in the deep South and just too darn hot for mom to require me to wear extra layers.  But, come Winter; I can see turtle necks in my future along with a few cutesy hats for the holidays.

Woof and Love, Baylie