Boarding Fido and Fluffy


There are options for caring for your pet while you are away on vacation. You must take into account your pet’s adaptability  to change.  Some    pets   are    best
left at home in familiar surroundings with a pet sitter or neighbor. That is the case with my cat, Smoki.  Because dogs are typically more needy, I choose to board my dog, Baylie, when I’m away to increase her socialization skills with other dogs and people and to have fun!  After all, doggies need vacations too!  I’ve worked up to long stays by boarding her for short durations and enrolling her in doggie day care.

Choosing a boarding facility for your pet takes planning and research to make certain you choose the right option for your pet.  When I decided to board Baylie, I had to look no farther than Baylie’s animal hospital which has an exceptional, on-site pet boarding facility.  Not only did it have excellent, clean and comfortable facilities for large dogs, it offered other options to make Baylie’s stay more enjoyable.  Always take a tour of the facilities before boarding. Reputable boarding facilities love to show off their facilities. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask how many potty breaks and playtimes your pet will get each day.  Take note of the staff to animal ratio to make sure they can offer your pet sufficient care and attention.  And, make certain the facility requires all pets to be current on their vaccinations when boarding.

Stock Photo of Indoor/Outdoor Kennel

I couldn’t bear the thought of Baylie being housed in a cramped  enclosure for six days.  Luckily her resort offered indoor/outdoor runs for large dogs.  During business hours, the dogs can choose to go in or out of the indoor/outdoor runs.  The inside portion is heated/air-conditioned for their comfort while the outside is open yet covered to protect them from the elements.

Play Yard at Baylie’s Resort

Baylie’s resort also allows you to bring your pet’s favorite dog/cat food.  This was a big plus knowing how a sudden change of diet can cause digestion issues in our pets. Only requirement was that I  pre-package, in small plastic bags, Baylie’s meals for the day. Treats are also allowed and administered by the staff.

Another service I chose to utilize is their TLC (Tender Loving Care) service if you want your pet to have additional playtimes beyond than the two-three breaks a day.  For a very minimal cost per day, your dog can have supervised play times in the play yard with staff and group play times with other dogs similar in size.  I chose to pack Baylie’s favorite squeaky ball to add to her fun.  Supervised play times for cats are also available in their indoor atrium.

Cat Atrium

Baylie’s Report Card

It also gave me peace of mind in choosing a vet-owned boarding facility and knowing that if Baylie became ill or injured in play (as she is a very rambunctious girl), a vet was just a few steps away at the on-site animal hospital.  I also took advantage of a bath for Baylie; offered at a reduced boarding rate.  Not only did Baylie return home happy and clean from her bath that morning,  she came home with all A’s on her report card. Oh yes, according to her “Boarding Report Card”, Baylie adjusted well to her new environment:

“I ate like a champ”
“In enjoyed playing with my new 4-legged friends”
“I was friendly”
“I was energetic”
“I was very sweet”