Dogs Are Getting Sick – Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats

As you may remember, not too long ago, my Baylie became very sick with a severe case of gastroenteritis and required an emergency vet trip in the wee hours of the morning. I attributed her sudden illness with a brand of chew stick I had begun giving her over the preceding days. In looking at the package, I realized they were made in Brazil.  I felt incredibly guilty for not doing my due diligence on this product. For days Baylie suffered through vomiting and diarrhea.  Thankfully, with IV fluids,  antibiotics and a soft diet, she recovered.

It’s no secret that some “Made in China” chicken jerky treats and chews have attributed to sickness in dogs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even  issued the first summary of reports of pet deaths linked to chicken and other jerky treats, along with a strong suggestion that owners might want to avoid the products all together.

What did surprise me is how difficult it is to find dog chews and jerky treats that are manufactured in the USA.  The majority are made in China, Brazil, Thailand or Argentina. I’m also appalled by how many of these “Made in China” treats, with well documented cases of causing sickness in dogs, are still packing the shelves of our big box warehouse stores and pet chains.

Our friends at Fidose of Reality posted an eye-opening article written by Carol Bryant entitled “Dogs are Dying: Documentary about Chinese Chicken Jerky“.   The folks at Bixibi Pet made a 3-minute documentary called “Lost Dogs” that every dog owner should watch.

The rule of thumb for purchasing chews and treats for Baylie Dog is that we buy only products stamped “Made In the USA” and only from reputable, known brands.

Dogs are Dying: Documentary about Chinese Chicken Jerky –Posted on September 19, 2012 Fidose of Realty by

  • Thanks for getting this word out… no dog should have to suffer or die for treats. The sooner we get these off store shelves and educate folks, the longer our dogs aka family members live!

    • Thank you, Carol, for keeping it fresh on our minds.

  • I now make my dog treats from chicken breast. You can’t trust most companies with the health of your baby.

    • Super, Lisa! Can you give me the details!


    Thanks for the update. Missy has such a sensitive stomach.