I Love Nothing More Than Play Dates With My Furriends!

Baylie here.  I love nothing more than play dates with my furriends.  Well, perhaps eating treats comes in first.  Mom makes sure I get plenty of exercise and socialization with other doggies.  She said it makes it easier on her; she doesn’t have to run so much, hahahaha. Here’s pictures of some of my play dates!

  • Preston

    I LOVE playdates as well. My best friend Bella and i have so much fun doing zoomies together! If I’m ever in your neck of the woods we need to have a playdate..do you think you can keep up with me? hehehehe

    • Hi Preston! That sounds like fun!!! I’m very large at 71 pounds and growing but I am particularly careful when I play with small dogs. I’m not as rambunctious around them. I’m a follower rather than a leader, so my mom says! But, the question is Preston, can you keep up with me! I’m a working/herding dog, so I like to run! Mom really enjoyed meeting you at BarkWorld. Since you and Elvis are so cute, I have to admit, I was a little jealous. Woof to you and Elvis, my new pals!!