Is Your Dog a Workaholic?

Now as a  1-year old,  I have an insurmountable workload.  My day is grueling and begins around 6:00 a.m. with me reminding mom and my feline sister, Smoki, that it is time to rise and shine.   I certainly don’t want mom to be late for an appointment and Smoki to be late for her morning scout around the yard.   My morning commute is simply atrocious, as I have to maneuver around obstacles in my crate to exit  the door and then on to the laundry room for my morning chow.  It doesn’t make it any easier with mom in the slow lane most mornings and refusing to pull aside so I can make my way down the hall for breakfast.


Gathering Smoki’s Toys

After breakfast, I have many chores.  First I have to scour the master bedroom where my feline sister, Smoki, sleeps and make sure a wayward treat hasn’t dropped to the floor.  I must also gather up any toys she has left unattended.  I certainly don’t want mom to have to bend over too much. I like to help her that way.  Then it’s on to the yard to do a little landscaping maintenance.  Of course, I always like to  spread a little organic fertilizer straight away, if you know what I mean.  Then there’s pruning to be done.  Low branches from the trees and shrubs must be cleared so our yard man (the one I told you about that wears the funny Mickey Mouse ears) can mow.  It’s also essential that I dig a few holes, just in case mom wants to put in some new landscaping.  You never know when the urge may strike her, so I have to be vigilant.

Changing Sheets

It’s a must that we have clean bed linens in our house.  Mom doesn’t always remember, so  to make certain they are changed promptly, I leave some tell-tale paw prints on the sheets; just as a reminder.  This has turned out to be such a success, that I also do the same on the hardwood floors.  Mom sometimes forgets to mop, as well.

Next, we have to dust.  Mom says she dusts so much more since I’ve come into the home that she doesn’t know what she ever did without me.  I make certain that I run around at lightening speed just to stir up MORE dust just so mom can have MORE fun dusting.   I know I must be doing well on this task because she dusts the furniture every day now!  Success!

Loading Dishwasher

On to the laundry.  I’m such a handy little helper when it comes to the laundry.  As mom unloads the washer and dryer, any laundry that is dropped on the floor, I snap up in a nanosecond and head down the hallway.

Loading the dishwasher is my specialty.  I bark loudly when mom opens the door; prompting her to load quickly so we can move on to other chores.  As you can see in the picture, I load my toys in as well.  A dog must have clean toys!

Smoki Answering Emails

Mom sometimes works from home and has lots of work to complete on the computer.  I carry the title K-9 Reporter at Large and Editor.  My credentials warrant this title, after all, I did graduate magna cum laude from PetSmart Training School.    As you can see in the picture, I proof every sentence; checking for spelling and grammatical errors.  Mom says I cause even more errors when I’m in her lap.  I don’t understand that concept.  But I think I must be good!


 My feline sister also helps mom on the computer by answering her emails.  She doesn’t have an official title because her credentials are, shall we say; less than impressive.  No curriculum available for cats.

While mom is at work, I have to admit, I do nap a bit; only because I know that when she arrives home there are so many chores needing to be done before bedtime, and I want to be rested and raring to go! Is your pet handy around the house?

My Graduation Day

  • Lynda Estabrook

    You have missed your calling. You need to write a book about the triles and tribulations of Baylie.

  • I laughed and laughed at this!! I help with the laundry the same way! Laundry is one of my favorite chores!! Ohhhh yessssssss!! Aren’t the socks fun????
    My Mom also says that dusting and keeping up with our hardwood (pergo) floors has been so much fun since I have been here. We do good work don’t we?
    Mom loves Smoki, she says she looks like our Angel Bobo looked!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  • You do laundry too, Dakota! ??? Isn’t it fun and oh so helpful to our moms! They get exercise to boot. Glad your mom likes Smoki. Don’t tell Smoki but I like her too!. Wish I would have known Bobo! xoxox Baylie

  • Ruger Blue

    Sheesh, wooo do haf a busy day!! Pawsonally, I like to leave all that stuff to my hooomans. I doesn’t like to interrupt a good qwality nap to be bofured wif laundries & dustings and the like. I mainly just assists wif Qwality Control in da kitchin if anyfing involving noms is happening.

    Nice to meet woo,
    Tail wags
    Ruger Blue

    • Nice to meet you, too @rugerblue:disqus ! Quality control…what a great idea!

  • I am laughing out loud!!! So glad to have found you on the Challenge! I will be back for sure!

    • Thank you @twitter-958940726:disqus ! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • LMAO This is too dang funny! What a day!

    • Why thank you @PibblesNMe:disqus. I’m one busy pup!