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Congratulations Stacy M!  You are the winner of the Kumfy Koatz harness by Kumfy Tailz from the after show of #SuperDogSunday by Event Barkers!  You have an email waiting from me!  Thanks to all who entered and for being my friend! xoxox Baylie

 Living in the deep South, it is not unusual for temps to reach triple digits during the Summer months and dip well below freezing in Winter.

 Baylie, being a long-haired dog, can overheat very quickly when out on our walks during the hot Summer months.  After searching for a way to keep her cool, I discovered a cooling harness by Kumfy Tailz called Kumfy Koatz that works double duty; cool in the Summer and toasty in the Winter.

Kumfy Koatz is the first thermal harness and coat designed to use proven gel pack technology.  Each product includes a Kumfy Pax gel pack, which can be heated and frozen. The outside layer of fabric on the Kumfy Koatz warming and cooling harnesses has recently been changed to a mesh fabric, available in numerous colors. Other than the fabric change, the product remains the same. The Kumfy Pax pouch slides easily into its pocket in the chest of the harness to help your dog’s inner core organs warm or cool as needed. Your dog can now spend more time outdoors in Winter cold or Summer heat. To learn more, follow the Kumfy Tailz  Facebook page, follow on Twitter, or visit their website to see the new fabrics. Kumfy Tailz are available in a variety sizes and colors online at

Each Kumfy Koatz comes with a size-appropriate Kumfy Pax pouch that can be used for cooling or warming, depending on the weather. To use the Kumfy Pax pouch for cooling, simply place it in your freezer. When ready to go outside, slip the pouch into the Kumfy Koatz chest pocket to help Fido stay cool and enjoy his activity.  In the winter, the pouch can be microwaved before slipping it inside your dog’s harness. Kumfy Koatz and Kumfy Pax were developed in close consultation with Kumfy Tailz’ licensed veterinarian adviser, Jennifer Henderson, DVM.

Over the past year, Kumfy Tailz has donated over $23,000 in Kumfy Koatz cooling and warming harnesses to shelters and rescues across the country.  In keeping with their dedication to helping rescues, Kumfy Tailz has given TWO harnesses to give away to one lucky reader; one for the winner’s pup and one for the winner’s favorite rescue!

Entering is easy through the below Rafflecopter!  Good luck! received two free Kumfy Tailz harnesses. One winner will receive two harnesses; one to keep and one to pass along to a rescue of choice. We received no compensation from Kumfy Tailz. The opinions expressed are our own. Photos courtesy of Kumfy Tailz.


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