Who Needs Zumba When There are Dog Parks

Chase With Ella

Baylie here.  It was a beautiful day today with temperatures in the low 70’s; perfect day for some quality time with my human at the dog park.  My human thinks that it’s all about me when it comes to dog parks, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.  She needs the exercise as much as I.

It’s been a rainy Winter in my neck of the woods and short romps in the back yard with me are just not going to cut it when it comes to getting mom fit as a fiddle. So today, I put a bug in her ear to take me to the local park along the river which also has an enclosed two-acre fenced area just for us dogs and our humans to meet and greet. And, greet I did as I’m somewhat of a social butterfly. I made some new human friends and met bookoodles of dogs.  One

Border Collie Friend

cutie even looked liked the border collie part of me, except she had a tail.  She was kind not to inquire about my lack of.  My little bestie,  Ella, who just turned six years old,  joined us!  Boy oh boy did we have fun.

For your human’s fitness workout at the park, here are some of the exercises I have tailored for my human’s fitness regimen.  It works out really well and is sure to give your human a good workout.  Make sure you cover all acreage that is available, and I mean every square inch with your nose to the ground.  They will promptly follow as they are certain you are about to ingest some weird creepy, crawly thing that will send you straight to the emergency vet.  It’s that overprotective hover thing.  If your human is like mine, they are a bit overprotective, so when a new dog comes into the enclosure, hightail it in that direction and your human is sure to follow.  Why, you ask?  My human tells me that since she doesn’t know the temperament of my newly found canine friend, she wants to be close at hand just in case things go south. Another good exercise that will surely put them thru the wringer is crisscrossing the field going from one dog to another.  That really freaks them out and a sure bet that they will be grabbing their  water bottle in no time flat.  And, if you really want to elevate your human’s heart rate, wait until they are at the opposite end of the play area and make a mad dash for an open gate. If that won’t work up a sweat, then there is a possibility you may have underestimated their fitness level.

Me Time

Following just a few easy steps, at the end of the day, you’ll have a happy and tired human; with no energy  for any activity other than cuddling with you on the sofa.  Viola, instant “me” time!




  • katboxjanitor

    You are surprisingly wise, Baylie! With your zest for life and loving concern for your human’s well being you are quite a treasure!
    You would love some of the dog parks over here! One or two are even bigger than 5 acres

    • Oh wow, I would love to go to those parks!!

      • katboxjanitor

        If you are ever coming to the homeland of Microsoft or Boeing, be sure to let me know.
        It would be fun to be your tour guide!