The Love Story of a Foster Parent and Her Pet

Our friends at Pet360 shared with us this cute infographic with the goal of raising awareness of pet foster programs and to encourage pet lovers to consider fostering shelter pets. As you know, my Baylie Dog was a rescue but not in the normal sense of the term. Baylie was a rescue that I had all intentions of finding a forever home after she came into my life the day she was found on the side of the road. I don’t call her a “foster flop” but rather a foster miracle.   I decided to cease my search for that special family to give her a home because she was home! Who was I kidding, I had fallen in love with this cute little four-pound ball of fur.

The infographic is based on the true story of one of Pet 360’s very own Pack members, and tells the heartwarming tale of Julie, a 29-year-old Ad Exec for a cheese company, and Charlie, a cheese-loving dog stuck in a shelter. Six to eight million pets enter shelters each year, and nearly 60% are euthanized. Foster programs enable pet lovers to save the lives of two very special animals: the one they foster and the one they create room for at the shelter.

Statistics show, animals adopted from foster care have a much lower return rate. If you haven’t considered fostering, please make a commitment today.  To learn more about fostering visit:

Foster Pets Infographic

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  • Thanks so much for sharing! It’s funny how they really do rescue us, don’t they? And I like “foster miracle” much better! -Rebecca