June Is Adopt a Cat Month – Why Not Adopt Two Buddies

We at Baylie Dog consider every month “Adopt a Cat Month” even though the month of June is the  “official” campaign.   We love to see all animals get a second chance for a loving home.  After all, my Baylie Dog  was a canine rescue and adopted by me after she was found on a rural road and covered in fleas, ticks and lice; all four pounds of her.  I also adopted my cat, Smoki, over 12 years ago from a family with a litter of kittens; a three-hour drive one away.  My only regret is that I didn’t adopt two  from the litter.  I think cats miss that bond established by having another cat share their domain.  However, it is so much easier for us and less stressful for the cats to bring two kittens or two shelter buddies into a home rather than to introduce adult cats that are not well matched. As expected, there will be a jockeying back and forth to establish dominance.  But, it can be accomplished; depending on many factors including the temperament of both cats.  As a senior cat,  I’m certain my cat, Smoki, would not adjust or tolerate another cat sharing her home.

According to Drs. Jill Goldman and Pam Reid, “cats housed together have more opportunity to ‘be cats’ by socializing and playing with each other, and this means they are less likely to be destructive or engage in other problematic behavior. For example, some single cats annoy their owners by trying to wake them during the night for play. Two cats might still wake the owner by tearing around the home, but at least the owner isn’t getting up out of bed to entertain the cat. Another benefit of two cats is that they are sometimes cleaner than a cat living by itself. Cats will groom each other’s ears and coat, often getting at places the cat can’t reach on its own!”

Each spring during “kitten season,” thousands of newborn kittens join the millions of cats already in shelters across the country. That means your local shelter has tons of cute, cuddly newborns, in addition to all the mellow, older cats and everything in between. Shelter staff are ready to help you adopt your very first cat or to bring home a friend for another beloved cat!

Annie and Eddie

Our friend, Joanne, author of The Conservation Cub Club and her husband, Paul, just recently adopted two shelter kittens after the untimely death of their sweet cat, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.  After Gracey’s passing,  they felt that with so many cats needing forever homes,  Gracey would certainly want them to open up their home to other cats in need. The two cats Joanne and Paul chose to adopt, Annie and Eddie, had bonded and become best buds at the shelter, so they chose not to separate the two.  What a kind gesture on their part!

In light of  Adopt a Cat Month, I thought you would like to read about little Annie’s and Eddie’s adoption story as written by their mom, Joanne (click here) .  I think it will warm your heart!  And, in honor of sweet Gracey, please adopt from your local shelter.  There’s a furry one or two out there just waiting to be a part of your family.


Dr. Jill Goldman and Dr. Pam Reid – Petfinder.com “Why adopt a second cat”
Photo courtesy of www.conservationcubclub.com







  • katsrus

    I hope a lot get adopted to wonderful homes. Hope some doggies can get adopted too. So happy for Joanne and her hubby. I was so saddened to hear of Gracey’s passing.
    Sue B

  • katboxjanitor

    What a nice tribute to the official ‘Adopt-a-cat’ month and a nod to the year ’round need to do so. Gracey’s passing was so sad, but Joanne and Paul shared their grief with us and still had the vision to see some new family members who needed them.

    Adoption is a WIN…whether canine or feline….or even small mammal or avian.