Decorating in True Baylie Style. Release The Inner “Arteest” In Your Pet

by Malia Ragan

Before Baylie came onto the scene, my house was decorated in the style in which I prefer.  It wasn’t long before I noticed the differences in our taste of decor.  I like everything neat and tidy.  Baylie likes that lived-in look.

Baylie is fast becoming a decorating mogul in the canine arena.  Dogs and cats in the neighborhood copy her style.  Baylie prefers the outdoorsy, rustic look.  She likes the feeling of bringing the outdoors in, literally; cabin cottage, shabby chic all rolled into one.  I recognized her unusual talent in interior design as a wee little pup.  It is truly a gift since dogs are colorblind and are thought to see only in shades of gray.


Baylie is a Dark Winter in the “human” color chart scheme and as such, it comes as no surprise that she likes muted, earthy tones.  Her favorite medium is dirt.  Sometimes it may be the rich, black potting soil that she chooses to bring indoors that blends nicely with the deep mahogany wood floors; giving them that perfect splash of color.  Other days, she may be inclined to bring indoors, our deep southern orange/red clay.  Orange/red clay is a particularly amazing medium,  as  it permanently discolors any texture, immediately, with just one simple application.   Baylie waits until she gets optimum consistency to apply this medium; preferably, after a nice rain.  It is truly an art form when you see the gray tiles of the patio or the tan tiles on the kitchen floor pop with a splash of orange.  It’s unbelievably easy to apply and covers in just one simple application. Durability is outstanding. Let it dry for just thirty minutes, and it becomes impermeable until removed by commercial equipment.

Southern Red/Orange Clay

The second medium Baylie has chosen to express herself as an artist is wood. Baylie chooses to work with wood in its most natural state; wet and untreated with any chemicals other than her saliva, as it tends to bring out the pattern of the grain.  It only takes just a spattering of chewed wood fibers scattered about the house to instantly give your home that lived-in country rustic feel.  There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut pine wood or the scent of a magnolia blossom as it permeates through the home.  For added color Baylie, on occasion, may  include greenery and young flowers picked fresh  from tender annuals just planted in the flower beds.

Last, but not least, Baylie prefers textures; all types of materials to add just a dusting of color to the home.  It is truly a privilege to watch a true artist at work as she painstakingly and  meticulously selects just the right colors and textures to complete her bouquet.  She may take a few strands from the throw pillows on the sofa, a few from a towel that she steals…I’m mean,  carefully selects from the bathroom and another from the fibers of her bed before the final product is revealed.  And, sometimes she may go out on the limb by adding a cat toy or two “borrowed” from her feline sister, Smoki. Candice Olson would be impressed.

Release the inner “arteest” in your pet by allowing and encouraging her/him to hone their craft by coloring “outside the lines”.  It will transform your home into a dazzling showcase for both you and the four-legged members of your family to enjoy for years to come.

  • Very creative.Your decription is one that invites thoughts of mirth.

  • barb merchant

    You should hire Baylie out to help others that may not have such a talented dog in their homes! This is hilarious…very informative descriptions. I can picture the “art work” in my head!! Good job!

  • Teresa

    Well said!

  • Thank you for reading, Lynda, Barb and Teresa!

  • I laughed til I cried! I am so glad you and Baylie have found each other. Your life is surely more interesting!

    • Thank you Carolyn! Yes, it is “interesting”.