Purina Pro Plan® Select Review


Living in a multiple species household (one dog, one cat), you realize pretty quickly that dogs and cats are quite different in the appetite department.  A cat will let you know if they have issues with what you serve them for dinner. They care about the presentation; type of bowl and how many morsels are contained within for maximum eating pleasure. Some  don’t like to dine alone and require an escort   for a 3:00 a.m. snack.  Don’t be surprised if your  cat turns up her nose and walks away from the food you have fed her for last ten years. That’s their way of letting us know it’s time for a change in the menu.  However, with a large-breed dog,   it’s quite different.

My 90 pound Baylie Dog has no issues when it comes to her food.  She will eat day or night, no matter how you serve it up. However, as responsible pet parents, we have to do our due diligence when it comes to making the right  choice in food selection.  We can’t go on the assumption that if our dog gobbles it up,  it’s a good fit, nutritionally.   Finding nutritional food for our four-legged family member without  sacrificing quality for price can be a daunting task.  Purina Pro Plan® Select makes our job a little easier by offering a wide selection to fit your dog’s nutritional needs.


Baylie Dog and I were excited when our friends at Pet360.com  asked us  to give Purina Pro Plan® Select a try. The Adult Grain Free Formula is carefully formulated nutrition for skin and digestive health and includes chicken as its first ingredient. What dog doesn’t like chicken, right?  It is made without grain or soy and includes  Omega-6 fatty acids and zinc to help nourish the skin and promote a healthy coat.

Baylie - Yummy Chicken

Baylie finishing up her Pro Plan Select

Since Baylie has a sensitive stomach, we were pleased to find out  that the Purina ProPlan®  Select Grain Free Formula is gentle on the digestive system and rich in antioxidants to help promote a healthy immune system. As is the case with cats as well,  it is recommended that you allow 7-10 days to ease the transition from your dog’s current food.  Each day, we fed Baylie a little less of her previous food and a little more of the Purina Pro Plan® until we were feeding Purina Pro Plan®,  exclusively.  I have to say, it was an easy transition and without any tummy problems.  Not only does she seem to love the taste, we are pleased in knowing that she is eating a healthy, nutritious diet.

Baylie Dog gives Purina Pro Plan® Select Adult Grain Free  a four out of four paws!


Click here to order Purina Pro Plan® Adult Grain Free dry food shipped direct from Pet360.com.  Newcomers to Pet360.com get a paw-tastic 5% discount on their first order.  If you aren’t familiar with Pet360.com, they are a great go-to resource for all your pet needs; from great articles, videos, and community to shopping for that furry family member.


Purina Pro Plan Select was provided to BaylieDog.com for review by Pet360.  The opinions expressed are our own.




  • We switched to Purina Pro Plan about 2 years ago. My sissy spaniel, Jenny Sue who was 9 at the time was having issues with losing hair, no energy, and other things. My vet said he fed his dogs the Pro Plan Savor and they loved it. Now being a picky bunch, ma didn’t have much faith but was pleasantly surprised that Jenny Sue LOVED it! She was even more surprised that we all LOVED it. I was eating another named brand but chose the Purina over it.
    I am happy to say that last year when we had our appointments at the vet and they did bloodwork on Jenny the vet was excited to tell ma the results. Ma said she seen the results in Jenny without doing the bloodwork. Jenny’s hair had grew back thick and shiny, she wants to play more often and she seems happier.
    There are a lot of people who dis Purina but we aren’t one of them. Even my friend who is a 100 time Best In Show and World Champion show dog eats Purina Pro plan. I think Pro Plan makes every dog or cat a winner.

    • Super! Our cat also has eaten Purina all of her 13 years and is very healthy.

  • Flea

    Our dogs will be twelve next month and have always eaten cheap food. I just last week changed them to a higher quality senior dog food and so far, so good. 🙂