Cat Symptom Checker



Cats can become ill with many of the same ailments as humans. However, symptoms  can be much different in humans and even dogs. Since our pets can’t tell us what hurts, they depend on us to figure it out.

I realized right away that it is much easier to determine what was ailing Baylie than our cat, Smoki, resulting in me becoming one of those helicopter pet parents to our 14-year-old cat.  When Smoki was a young kitten,  I took her to the vet because she just wasn’t behaving like her normal self.  I was very green in the kitty parenting department and had no clue as to what was wrong.  I found out that there is actually an acronym in the world of veterinary medicine for this condition  in cats called “DAR”  aka, “Doesn’t Act Right“.  That pretty much summed it up with Smoki. She had no visible symptoms,  but I knew something wasn’t quite right. She was a bit lethargic, didn’t want to play and preferred to hide underneath a living room chair; a place she never goes.  If you are a cat parent, I’m sure you have seen this behavior.

Our friends at PetCareRx provided us with this interactive symptom checker for monitoring your cat’s  symptoms.  Just hover over the red dots on the kitty to display more information

This symptom checker is a good place to begin in identifying symptoms of illness in your cat.  However, it is not intended to be a replacement for medical treatment.  Always consult your veterinarian if your cat should become ill.                                             

  • Fisher and Jobi

    The cat symptom checker is kind of neat – I have never seen it before. Cats are really hard to pinpoint problems because they work so hard to get over ailments on their own. My rule of thumb is if a cat complains vocally, he is ready to get help and I would take him to vet asap. Not too scientific, right? I have been lucky all my life with my cats not having health issues.

    • It is a neat interactive graphic isn’t it. Thanks for reading!! That’s interesting that your cat gets vocal when they aren’t feeling well. Mine just get quiet and want to hide.

  • katsrus

    I have some older kitties and I have learned if they act out of the norm there might be something wrong. The cat symptom checker is kind of neat. I never knew the vets had the term DAR. Thanks for the post.
    Sue B

    • Thank you for reading @katsrus:disqus! When Smoki became ill, I could tell she had a fever by her ears. They were almost hot to the touch. I’ve heard the DAR term used a couple of times. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, lol.