K-10+® Supplements For Dogs Review & #Giveaway


Rethink Your Dog’s Water

As is the case with many large breed working-class dogs, Baylie has a propensity for joint problems. Even as a pup, she began experiencing mild knee problems and was prescribed a joint supplement by her vet.  It was  in pill form and Baylie wanted no part of them.  She caught on right away to my feeble attempt at hide-the-medicine-in something-yummy trick.  She would look at me as if to say, “come on, are you kidding me, this is the best you  ‘GOT’ ?”

In search of an easier way to administer joint supplements to Baylie, we came across water-soluble, vet recommended, K-10+® SupplementsK-10+® Glucosamine  & Chondroitin formula is designed to support flexibility, recovery and even immune system health in geriatric, working and injured pets, as well as provide day-to-day joint health for your dog. It’s easy peasy to add to your dog’s water. Each packet of K-10+® Glucosamine provides your dog with the optimal combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and antioxidants to support healthy joint function. Designed for maximum hydration and palatability, K-10+® water-soluble dog vitamins and supplements are added to a dog’s drinking water, creating a stress free experience for both you and your dog.


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The complete K-10+® product line includes: Multi-Vitamin, Glucosamine, Omega 3, Calming, UT Support, and Senior Care to ensure the optimal vitality and wellness, and to enhance the health and longevity of your family’s pet.


The folks at K-10+® have provided us one 28-pack box of Glucosamine Join Support Formula to give away to one lucky Baylie Dog reader.  Easy entry via the below giveaway tool.

Click here if you would like to order any of the K-10+® Products.

Not only are we sold on the K-10+® product line, we absolutely love the “There Must Be Something in the Water” video ad campaign.  We think you will too!

*K-10+, along with proper diet and exercise, is a key element to a happier, healthier pet.  Always consult your veterinarian prior to adding any dietary supplement to your dog’s diet.*


  • Abby C

    We have been using K-10+ calming as a free trial and it is great! I love how easy it is and the girls took to quickly.

    • Great to hear Abby! So glad it’s working for your girls!