We Won A Motorola Scout 66 Wi-Fi Pet Monitor – Our Review

As a former IT Functional Systems Analyst,  I’m a self-proclaimed techie.  One product I’ve been wanting to purchase is a pet monitor.  There are so many monitors on the market, but I have not had the time to do my due diligence as far as which monitor will suit my needs as well as the price points.  Thankfully, I was saved the arduous task of comparing specs by our friends at PetsWeekly.  I’m certain a squeal could be heard when told I was  the lucky winner of their Motorola Scout 66 Wi-Fi Pet Monitor giveaway.

If you are not familiar with PetsWeekly, it’s a fantastic resource for pet parents.  You’ll learn all about pets and pet health, read fun pet stories and pet quotes, stay abreast of the newest pet products, and save money with free contests & coupons.


Living in a bipetual home, one of my worst fears is that weird things happen when Smoki and Baylie are home alone. On occasion when I arrive home, Baylie greets me anxious and panting. With a pet monitor, I will be able see and hear, in real-time,  if she exhibits any signs of separation anxiety. Foremost, I  want to make certain Smoki and Baylie are respectful of each other when I’m away.

The Motorola Scout 66 is the newest version of the Motorola line of Wi-Fi pet monitors to hit the pet-centric tech market. This version is faster with a connectivity rate of 802.11 b/g/n, contains digital zoom,  offers night-vision that is very clear, two-way communication (so you can talk with your animals from afar), and room temperature monitoring to ensure your pets are experiencing a comfortable environment.

The unit was super easy to install and pair with our  home Wi-Fi. I can access the camera by using a free “Hubble” app that is available for any internet-enabled device. The app allows me to view real-time video, zoom in and out, and even communicate with Baylie and Smoki via two-way radio.  I have not yet tried the latter feature for fear of the possibility of Baylie freaking out by hearing my voice but not being able to see me.  But, I plan on giving it a whirl to watch her response.  I adjusted the settings to send a ping alert to my  IPhone when the unit detects either sound or motion.  When the unit detects motion, it records a video snippet that I can view immediately or hours after  the event occurred.  I can even take a snapshot at any given point along the stream. 91BkPlEeKnL__SL1500_

  • Features of the Motorola Scout 66 include:
    • Remote monitoring via smart phone, tablet, or computer
    • Free Hubble app
    • WiFi 802.11b/g/n connectivity
    • Digital zoom
    • Two-way audio communication (Walkie Talkie mode)
    • Infrared night vision
    • Image snapshot / video recording
    • Room temperature monitoring

Recently having spent time away from home during the day sitting with a family member in the hospital, I was able to put the camera to good use. Since the weather has been mild and  Baylie has enjoyed spending the day in her backyard,  I decided to  set the camera in the window overlooking the patio and backyard. I was able to check in on her shenanigans via my IPhone.  It was a relief to know that she was not disturbing the neighbors by barking excessively at everything that moved.  With the use of the camera, I can now rest assured that Baylie shows no separation anxiety while I’m away and all is calm and peaceful on the #bipetual home front.  It also gives me peace of mind to be able to drop in on my pets, remotely, at any given time.

Baylie Dog gives the Motorola Scout 66  Wi-Fi Video Monitor a thumbs up.  The only regret is that we have just one!  You can purchase the Scout 66 unit from Petsmart or online through Amazon.com.

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    Does it pan and tilt?