Zuke’s Genuine Jerky Treats Review & Giveaway #FueltheLove


It’s no secret that we are big fans of all Zuke’s products.   Zuke’s treats are healthy, natural, nutritious and made with wholesome, whole-food ingredients, and Baylie loves them!   From the moment Zuke’s created the first ever “energy bar” for dogs in 1995, they have devoted their time, energy and love into learning what pets need and want. For Zuke’s, sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint,  while promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle for your pet, are second nature.

We were excited when a care package of Zuke’s treats appeared at our door.  Inside, we found a variety that Baylie has not yet taste-tested; Zuke’s  Genuine Jerky Treats.

About Zuke’s Genuine Jerky TreatsReal Beef Jerky Treats for Dogs:

Zuke’s Genuine Jerky is Beef Jerky at its best! Each recipe is made with 100% grass-fed New Zealand beef and is naturally preserved without nitrates or nitrites. They are high in protein and omega-3 rich NZ beef.  Your dog will crave these tasty slices of real meat!


Baylie and her Genuine Jerky

Genuine Jerky is a great  energy booster for your dog and just like humans, dogs require protein for endurance.  When you set out for a long hike or any fun-filled adventure with your dog, it’s a great idea to throw a bag in your backpack for your furry friend.

Zuke’s Genuine Jerky treats are Baylie’s “special” treats, and she goes nuts at the first whiff of  goodness.   She knows where they are stored in the house and will come running when she hears the pantry door open.  You had better plant your feet if you don’t want to be bowled over by an 80-pound dog.    Baylie loves all three recipes but the Original Beef Recipe seems to be her fave!  You can choose from Teriyaki Beef, Barbecue Beef and Original Beef Recipe.

You know we like to share and so do our friends at Zuke’s.  We are offering a bag of all three flavors to one lucky winner!  **Easy entry in the below Giveaway tool! **

You can also purchase Zuke’s Genuine Jerky at most big box pet stores or online.


  • SGilbert


  • katboxjanitor

    What a fabulous way to see which flavor(s) work best when I am working with one of my foster dogs! Training basic obedience like sit & down or more advanced tasks like loose leash walking, targeting or shaping a new trick.

  • Katty k


  • Katty k


  • I love kayaking with my dog. I can hardly wait for summer so we can go out again.

  • DebbyM

    I love to go on walks with my girl…and play frisbee

  • Wendy Mastin

    We love to walk around our land with our dogs. They get to run, swim in the ponds and hunt.

  • Theresa Spaid

    We live in the hills so going for walks is what we like to do.

  • SGilbert

    We like to play catch me if you can!

  • Kim M

    I enjoy playing with Olivia and trying new treats. She loves the attention and of course treats.

  • SGilbert

    Going for walks

  • Katty k


  • Kim M

    Snuggling on the couch at the end of the day before bed watching Tv.

  • Shelley P

    I love going hiking with the dogs.

  • SGilbert

    We love swimming!

  • Daniel Scott

    My dog and I love to attend all the dog events in our area. Many of them are fundraisers for local shelters and rescues.

  • Danielle E

    Walking in the park and watching the soccer games

  • Kyla Patton

    I really enjoy my grooming time with my Lhasa. She’s still not a huge fan of water, but she now loves getting brushed and having her teeth brushed together. 🙂 It’s become a bit of a calming ritual (after the evil water bath) for both of us.

  • Angela Cash

    My dogs and I love spending time outdoors. They love to run along with me when I ride trails on my bike and going to the dog park is always a treat.

  • sandy weinstein

    my girls love to play ball, especially the oldest gal, she loves to play kickball and soccer…the 2 younger girls love to play fetch and run up and down the halls with me….