Wondercide™ Review and Giveaway – Treat Nature With Nature

wondercidefinalWe hear the words “green” “organic” and “natural” a lot these days but what does it all really mean? Do we need to be a chemist when it comes to making an informed decision for choosing pesticide-free products for our pets and home?  It can be a bit overwhelming at times.

We recently stumbled upon, Wondercide™,  a company that produces a line of products dedicated to formulating safe alternatives.  They offer a full line of products for Natural Flea & Tick Control (dogs, cats and home), Natural Home & Lawn Pest Control and Natural Pet Care. All products are Made in the USA.

Together with scientists, professors, and holistic veterinarians, Wondercide™ develops natural and organic products that don’t use harmful chemicals or synthetic pesticides. “Treating the source, not the symptom” fuels their passion for education, policy change, and the creation of truly natural solutions. Wondercide’s commitment to community, sustainability, and all-natural ingredients is visible in all levels of the company.

As a Green America Gold Certified Green Business, Wondercide™ is dedicated to ecological, ethical, and social standards that make the world a healthier place. Wondercide™ knows little changes can make a big impact. They support small business commerce, truth in advertising, and the use of naturally occurring renewable resources. They guarantee their products are “Made in the USA” – all the way from formulation to fulfillment – and they minimize paper waste whenever possible. Today, Wondercide™ offers an innovative line of natural pest control and holistic care products for pets, people, and property. To eliminate the possibility of pesticide poisoning to your loved ones, they encourage us to… TREAT NATURE WITH NATURE

How It Began – Luna’s Story

How It Began:  Stephanie Boone founded Wondercide™ in 2008 when her dog, Luna (an Akita- Husky mix), became deathly ill from pesticide poisoning.

Like millions of other dogs and cats, Luna was treated monthly with a traditional, vet prescribed flea & tick treatment. The product, with the active ingredient fipronil, was prescribed by various veterinarians over the course of Luna’s life.  At age 10, Luna developed pesticide poisoning, with side effects ranging from seizures and chronic skin issues to liver and kidney failure.

Many vets recommended that Stephanie put Luna down. They reasoned that she was an older dog, had lived a good life, and nothing could be done to improve her health, so “it was time”.  This “solution” was simply not an option for her. She began researching pesticide formulations, the impact of traditional pesticides on human and animal health, regulatory laws, and federal environmental policies.  The shocking truths she discovered lit a fire in her so intense,  she left her career and…Wondercide™ was born.

Wondercide™ has offered to give one lucky Baylie Dog follower  a Happy Dog Bundle Gift Set of Natural Remedies; one of their customer favorites –  $50.00   value.  Easy entry in the below Giveaway Tool.  Good luck!

You can purchase all Wondercide™ products online by clicking on the below link:


The Natural Remedies Starter Bundle includes:


  • Katty k

    that is cool

  • Wendy Mastin

    I have 2 dogs, a cocker spaniel, named Mocha and an English Springer Spaniel, named Marley. This prize package would be great for them.

  • Theresa Spaid

    These sound like some great products for my 2 kids, Shunta and Kota

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    This would be great for my two Corgis. They are 10.

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    Love your site

  • Kim M

    This product sounds intriguing I love to try it.

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    Thank you for the opportunity. It would be great to win!

  • Danielle E

    We try to buy green products when available.

  • Shelley Joy P

    Yes, when possible we buy green products.

  • Shelley Joy P

    We buy green products when available.

  • Angela Cash

    Yes, I only buy green products or make my own from natural ingredients.

  • Danielle E

    I do try to buy green products however I find that often for pet supplies they lack small/sample sizes. So it is more expensive to take a risk and try something new

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats (all rescues). I do my best to use green products – not only are they safer for my furbabies, but better for the environment.

  • LyricInTime2803

    I do try to buy “green” products when I can.