Baylie Dog’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions


Research suggests that a mere 8% of New Year’s goals are met.  I admit, Baylie and I fell short in keeping our 2014 New Year’s resolutions.  After all, Baylie was a naïve pup when she posted her first resolutions for the New Year and for myself, I offer no excuses other than it’s been a trying year with many unexpected challenges.

Baylie, now a seasoned three-year old, has learned not to set the bar so high.  After consulting with legal counsel, she made a few “modifications” to last year’s bucket list of promises to make them a bit more attainable in 2015.  The first step is to set out a well thought out plan to achieve sustainable goals.  Here are Baylie’s scaled down top ten, 2015 New Year’s resolutions.  Hopefully, we will get it right in 2015.

Disclosure:  I, Baylie Dog, reserve the right to make changes to the following list at any time or for any reason throughout the duration of the 2014 2015 calendar year. Any discrepancy/conflict between the humans and I will be mitigated by arbitration.

1.  I will not bark while indoors
I will give it my best shot to use my “inside” barking voice


2.  I will not stare at the cat
I will limit my glaring at the cat to no more than twice a day;  tops

3.  I will refrain from disgusting litter box diving
I will be more discreet while litter box pilfering 

4.  I will not steal the cat’s food
I will wait 10 minutes and then all unattended cat food is up for grabs

5.  I will refrain from sitting down and refusing to budge when mom and I are on walks
I will  limit my stops on official patrol of the neighborhood to just one incident  unless there is a need to sniff a new smell, say hello to the neighbors, or suddenly become too exhausted to carry on

6.  I will work on perfecting calm greetings
I will welcome visitors to my home with just one two three sloppy kisses to the face and will pin them to the sofa just once

all 90 lbs

7.  I will cease monopolizing sofa space
Not up for discussion. Removing from 2015 resolutions

8.  I will refrain from snatching paper towels from the kitchen counter and eating them
I will hone my counter surfing technique to include food items, only

Countersurfing (3)9.  I will not bark at the neighbor dogs
I will bark only when the neighbor dogs bark at me first

10.  I’ll give my family and all of my wonderful friends lots of love and sloppy kisses in 2013 2014 2015

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy 2015 filled with joy and love.  May all your dreams and aspirations come true. 

  • catchatcaren

    this was just great!! Dakota says he’s with ya on trying to bark less inside and not staring at the cat so much lol!

    • Thank you Caren. Tell Dakota to hang in there! It’s tough for us dogs who live with a cat, lol!

  • katsrus

    Those are wonderful but; I really love #6 and #10. Have a great 2014.
    Sue B