Pets and Cold Weather Danger –


Some of the coldest weather in years is hitting the eastern half of the nation as far south as Alabama and Florida. Many areas will see epic snowfall and life-threatening temperatures.  Even here in the deep South, we are going to see temps breaking record lows. In my area, the mercury will fall to 11 degrees tomorrow night with a wind chill of -5 degrees.

Please remember the three “P’s”; people, pets and plants.  Check on the elderly who are most vulnerable and are least likely to call for help should their heat source fail and bring in your pets!  Don’t assume that since your dog has a dog house they will be okay in freezing temps with sub-freezing wind chills,  or that your cat will find a place to keep warm.  For a cat, that place could be the warm engine under the hood of your neighbor’s car. Despite having fur coats, domesticated animals such as  dogs and cats depend on humans for protection from the elements. They can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite just like we humans.  Lastly, if you expect those geraniums that you have been wintering under the covered patio (it’s a southern thing) to survive to bloom next Spring, bring them indoors.

Please stay warm and safe!

  • katsrus

    It is terriable this year with the below zero weather. My kitties don’t go out. Hope everyone’s pet are safe and warm. And all the ones that don’t have homes.
    Sue B