Flexi® Vario Review and Giveaway – The New Generation of Retractable Leashes


There’s a new generation of retractable leashes recently announced at Global Pet Expo 2015.  The Flexi® VARIO retractable leash variably adjusts to the wants and needs of every dog owner.   We understand that not everyone is a fan of retractable leashes, however,  we believe there is a time and place for using a retractable leash when you would like to give your dog a little more freedom.  It all boils down to being a responsible pet parent.  If you go to the vet, groomer or any crowded place where you should not give your dog that extra freedom, the leash should be fully retracted.

Established in 1973,  Flexi® has spent over 40 years developing a high-tech product that makes it a leader in the market.

As soon as we opened the box, we knew the Felxi® VARIO retractable leash system was no light weight when it comes to quality.  The size large we chose according to Baylie’s weight feels sturdy and fits well in hand.  After getting accustomed to the features and reading the instructional pamphlet provided with the product, we gave it a try with Baylie and were pleasantly surprised with its ease of use and sturdy construction.  With other retractable leashes, we always had a fear that the leash would fail with a sudden lunge by Baylie, but not with the VARIO.   We even took advantage of its 26-foot reach to do some command  training with Baylie.


What impressed us:  The Flexi®  VARIO system offers an array of accessories that attach conveniently to the leash and include an LED Lighting System; great for evening walks, and  Multibox, which can be used for treats or waste bags.  In addition, the VARIO system also comes equipped with leash replacement options which include: a LED Flash Belt, a Duo Belt for walking two dogs from one leash and a Soft Stop Belt, to gently and quickly stop a dog without jolting.

Safety:  The Flexi®  VARIO comes with a safety collar used in conjunction with your dog’s collar. The safety collar prevents snap-back if the dog’s collar breaks, or if the leash disconnects from your dog’s collar.

The VARIO system is available in four different sizes, XS, SM, M, L and six fashionable colors; anthracite, blue, brown, pink, red and turquoise.   Each leash features an adjustable grip size and short-lift breaking system.  There’s never been a more complete, comprehensive leash system on the market.

The nice folks at Flexi®  have provided us one VARIO system to give away to one member of the Baylie Dog community.  Entry is super easy via the below Giveaway Tools widget.

You can purchase the Flexi VARIO system leash and accessories at Amazon.com and other online stores.

* Because this leash is retractable, it requires special precautions to reduce the risk of injury. The leash should only be used by responsible people who have read and can follow all of the precautions and directions included with the product.