pawTree® Treats Review and Giveaway


We always are excited to pass along new products to our readers; especially, good, wholesome, dog treats.  Our new find is from pawTree®. The CEO of pawTree® pulled together a top team of veterinarians and a Ph.D. in animal science and pet nutrition to help pet parents answer the age old question, “What should I feed my pet?” The result is what makes pawTree® stand apart from the rest. pawtree

pawTree® Vision:  Changing the lives of pets. Changing the hearts of people™

Every pet has different nutritional requirements. pawTree® wants to give your pet all he/she needs to thrive and live a happy, vibrant, healthy life. The only way to do that is by nourishing your pet with the right supplements and proper nutrition. pawTree® offers the highest quality food, treats and supplements that work synergistically to optimize your dog’s health based on his/her unique needs. They provide products that address multiple issues ranging from joint support to skin conditions to overall digestive health; all the support your dog needs to be healthy from the inside out!


pawTree® pawTreats™

The nice folks at pawTree® sent us both the Freeze Dried Turkey Sweet Potato and Ginger pawTreat as well as the Freeze Dried Chicken Apples and Spinach pawTreat™   Since the freeze-dried texture was something new to Baylie, I thought she might be apprehensive to dive right in, but there was no hesitation.  She absolutely loves them!


Freeze-Dried Process: Freeze-dried is the closest to real food that you can get in a shelf stable format.  pawTree® pawTreats™ freeze-dried treats are minimally processed so all the goodness stays in. First the meat is ground and fruits and vegetables are mixed in. Next, the ingredients are formed into their shape and then frozen. Freeze drying is the process where the product is put into a frozen state and then into a freeze dryer – a large chamber that is pressurized and takes the meat directly from the frozen state to a dry state (skipping the “wet” state). The product is taken to a very dry level where it is shelf stable, and resistant to rancidity or growth of bacteria or mold.

As is the case with many large breed working-class dogs, Baylie has a propensity for joint problems. Even as a pup, she began experiencing mild knee problems and was prescribed a joint supplement by her vet.  It was  in pill form and Baylie wanted no part of them.  She caught on right away to my feeble attempt at hide-the-medicine-in something-yummy trick.  She would look at me as if to say, “come on, are you kidding me, this is the best you  ‘GOT’ ?”


pawTree® Joint Support Plus: In search of an easier way to administer joint supplements to Baylie,  we found pawTree® has an excellent solution for administering joint health supplements with their Joint Support Plus Chews. pawTree® Joint Support Plus is a veterinarian-developed, glucosamine-based formula that aids in joint support by maintaining the normal viscosity of joint fluid. This most comprehensive joint support supplement contains the highest levels of active ingredients along with the addition of herbs to support healthy soft tissue, healthy cartilage and thick, viscous joint fluid. Time to play!

The Giveaway – How To Enter: pawTree® has provided us with a sampling of the pawTreats™ to be given away to one lucky winner.  (Easy entry through the below Giveaway Tools widget.) The pawTree® website is your one stop shop for a wide array of pet related products, from treats, health supplements and food,  to dog collars and pet-related products for your home. It’s super easy to complete a pet profile, and pawTree® will recommend a nutrition plan for your pet.  You can also join the Paw Club  and receive a 25% discount on shipping for all of your EZ Ship orders, and earn Paw Points for every dollar you spend.