PL360 Natural Products for Your Pet and Home – Review & Giveaway


Announced at the recent Global Pet Expo and with a shared focus on natural pet care, PawGanics and Pet Labs 360 merged to create a unified pet health and wellness brand; PL360.  PL360 is a pet health and wellness company that creates safe and effective natural solutions for pet owners including grooming and cleanup products, as well as pet health supplements. We have long been a consumer of PawGanics products and regularly use  natural products that are free of the harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach.

We hear the words “green”, “organic” and “natural” a lot these days but what does it all really mean? Do we have to be a chemist to clean our home in a safe, natural, non-toxic way? The answer is no.  We just need a little help from brands we trust to help us figure it out.


Behind the natural pet care movement are ingredient-savvy consumers who view their pet as a part of their family.  That’s why PL360 steers clear of using potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, lanolin, alcohol and other toxins.  PL360 commits itself to a high standard of safety and efficiency put in place over a
14-year period by its parent brands; PawGanics and Pet Labs 360.

Multi-Surface Cleaner & Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes- 
It’s a fact  of life;  dogs drool on everything and cats jump on surfaces high and low leaving paw prints in their wake. The Multi-Surface Cleaner and Multi-Surface Wipes (with a subtle citrus scent), safely cut through messes using a powerful plant-based formula  that will leave your surfaces  spotless.   I used both of these products to remove Baylie’s nose prints from our windows and glass French doors and was amazed that it left no unsightly streaks or residue.  Both of these products also made quick cleanup of Baylie’s paw prints left on our door frames and white kitchen cabinets.
Great on: Dog and cat toys, water dishes, food bowls, small animal cages, countertops, stainless steel, tiles, walls, cabinets and even glass.


Daily Grooming Shampoo-
The vitamin-enriched formula is for all dogs any time they need a bath.
The Daily Grooming Shampoo is packed with vitamins to fortify your dog’s coat and natural oatmeal to nourish the skin. It has a light splash of sweet aloe and is tremendously effective; even on the messiest dogs.


Oatmeal Foaming Shampoo-
Great for dogs with dry or itchy skin.
The Foaming Oatmeal Shampoo helps nurture dry skin using
a plant-based formula that foams instantly and rinses quickly.

PL360 products can be purchased from your local independent pet stores and online at, and

PL360 has provided us three (3) gift sets, each consisting of the products we reviewed, to give away to three lucky winners.

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