PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl™ Puzzle Feeder Review & Giveaway


Keeping Baylie calm but entertained during her recent surgeries has been challenging.  When the nice folks at PAW5 found out that Baylie was having a second surgery, they offered to send us their Rock ‘N Bowl™.  As you can see in the below video, it was an immediate hit with Baylie, and it didn’t take long for her to master the concept.

Dogs are wired to forage and hunt for food – it’s in their DNA!  A standard bowl just can’t satisfy the curiosity and intelligence that every dog possesses.  The Rock ‘N Bowl™ adds environmental enrichment to their daily routine, building off their natural behaviors and instincts, and turning a 30-second, mindless chow down into an engaging, thought-provoking, playtime puzzle.

The PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl™ is a great way to turn meal time into an enriching and rewarding challenge for your dog!  What looks like a standard bowl, is actually a unique puzzle feeder that will have your dog thinking, problem solving and having fun all at once. By adding environmental enrichment to mealtime, you turn a routine part of the day into a fun brainteaser.



 With the Simply Challenging design, just pour food directly into the top (as easy as a normal bowl), the food runs through a hidden compartment, and your dog has to paw, nudge, and play her way through mealtime (that’s the challenging part!).

grounded IN sustainability:

Every PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl™ is made in the USA, with FDA-compliant, recyclable plastic that is free of BPA and phthalates and dishwasher safe. I was pleasantly surprised by its sturdy construction.  PAW5 is committed to sustainability and uses a manufacturing process that results in almost zero waste.  You can learn more about PAW5’s approach here.

Shop for the PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl™ here.

 How to Enter:

Easy entry in the below Giveaway Tools widget for a chance to win a PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl.  Good luck!

  • Theresa Spaid

    I love to get it for my daughter’s pup. She is young and would have fun with it.

  • lsglickman

    Great design!

  • Lisa F.

    One of my dogs eats too fast, so I think this might help…and give him mental stimulation, too!

  • Linda

    My dog inhales his food!! This seems like a good solution.

  • SGilbert

    I would like the Paw5 bowl for Schooner because he is a fast eater and is finish in minutes. The bowl would help him slow down along with have him work and play to get the kibbles out. It would be perfect for Schooner the gobbler!

  • lsglickman

    Very clever design!

  • Deanna

    My dog loves to do puzzles. We have two. I feel like it helps keep her mentally sharp. We would like to try this one out soon!

  • Laura

    I would like to try this rock-n-bowl because it would keep our two pups entertained. Great concept! 🙂

  • Linda Szymoniak

    My Kyoko was nearly starved before I adopted her and while she’s now downright chubby, she still wants to eat like she’s still starving. I would love a bowl like this to slow down her eating and make her really work for her food.

  • sandy weinstein

    i would like to try the PAW5us Rock ‘N Bowl because i think it would help my middle child who gobbles her good, she now has a slow bowl; but she still gobbles her food sometimes. i think it would also help her to focus more, my 3 girls have never been very good at the food puzzles.

  • Crystal Rose

    I think it would be fun for my pup.

  • Mary

    My dog eats really fast, this seems like a great product!

  • AnnaZed

    This would be great for Mike. His enthusiasm for food knows no limits and he needs to slow down!

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I have three Boston’s, and all of them play some kind of food game!

  • LyricInTime2803

    With two highly intelligent and active dogs, making meals interactive is a must. Always looking for new challenges!