Dogs Are Getting Sick – Chinese Chicken Jerky Treats

As you may remember, not too long ago, my Baylie became very sick with a severe case of gastroenteritis and required an emergency vet trip in the wee hours of the morning. I attributed her sudden illness with a brand of chew stick I had begun giving her over the preceding days. In looking at the package, I realized they were made in Brazil.  I felt incredibly guilty for not doing my due diligence on this product. For days Baylie suffered through vomiting and diarrhea.  Thankfully, with IV fluids,  antibiotics and a soft diet, she recovered.
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Ruff Dawg Toy Giveaway

Congratulations Natalie McK – Winner of our RuffDawg Toy Giveaway!!!!  Wooooof!!  Here’s Ellie with her new RuffDawg Toy!!!!

Ellie With Her RuffDawg Fish


As responsible pet owners, we are always looking for ways to keep our dogs fit and healthy with the use of interactive toys. Large breed dogs require rugged and durable toys.  It didn’t take me long to realize that flimsy, fru-fru dog toys were just not going to cut it with my 60 pound Baylie.  So, I began my quest to find a toy that she couldn’t destroy within an hour of me bringing it home.

Through,  I found the perfect line of pet toys geared for the big-boned doggie manufactured by Ruff Dawg. Their entire line is made of flexible, durable 100% Non-toxic, superior quality rubber and some even float.  Baylie has been playing fetch and tugging on the  Ruff Dawg The Stick Dog Toy

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Red Carpet Cat 2012 Emmy Event

Red Carpet Cat Emmy badge

Congratulations Deborah D for Winning the Canine Cool Hipster Bag from Baylie Dog’s paticipation in The Tiniest Tiger’s Red Carpet Cat Twitter Party and Blog Tour!!!!!  Here’s her foster pup, Cami giving inspecting the loot!!!!!   

Baylie Dog and are super excited to have been asked to join Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and her Conservation Cub Club for the #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party and the Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour.  Hosted by Event Barkers, there will be fun and prizes for Cat and Dog lovers!  To celebrate this special event, be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 19 from 5:30-7:00 pm Pacific 6:30-8:00 Mountain, 7:30-9:30 Central, 8:30-10:30 Eastern.

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“Do Not Disturb”-Canine Day Sleeper

If you are a dog owner, you recognize the fact that your dog’s energy levels ebb and flow throughout the day.  My Baylie is full of energy early in the morning, is a lazy bones during the day and then goes hog-wild as evening approaches.  Early on, I wondered if I had a nocturnal dog on my hands or even it there was such a characteristic in canines.  I somewhat discounted that theory because she sleeps soundly through the night.  However, placing her in her kennel at bedtime may suppress her nocturnal tendencies, as she is still going strong up until the time I tuck her into her kennel for the night.  Left to her on devices and not kennel trained, she may prefer to prowl and pawty all night and sleep during the day.

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PupCorn® Dog Treats For Your Pooch

What is it with dogs and popcorn.  My Baylie is a popcorn connoisseur and goes absolutely nuts when she hears the sound of popcorn popping in the microwave. She’s even mastered the art of “catch” with her popcorn as you can see by the below video!

You can imagine how excited I was to find out that our friends at Sunshine Mills® have come up with PupCorn® Healthy Dog Treats. Baylie is especially fond of the cheese flavored variety.


They  are a healthy & tasty alternative for your puppy or dog who can’t get enough of that popcorn flavor. PupCorn® treats come in three great tastes and are perfect for owners looking for a great tasting, low sodium & low calorie dog snack. Available in Cheese, Chicken and Peanut Butter flavors, these treats are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Rich in flavor while low in sodium, fat & calories, PupCorn® treats are a healthy alternative so you can treat your dog anytime and feel good about it! Each bone-shaped treat measures approximately 1-3/4″ with only 3.1 kcal and .025 grams of fat per treat so they’re a great for training or as a tasty anytime treat. PupCorn® Healthy Dog Treats come is resealable containers for freshness.

Pupcorn Dog Treats are now on Sale at PetFood  Just click on this link to order Dog Treats ON SALE NOW at Popcorn for your pup!


Dogs Eat Grass Too?

Ahhh…My Outdoor Green Salad

We all know that cats love to eat grass, but until Baylie Dog came into the family, I had no idea that dogs loved to graze on grass the same as their catty carnivore nemesis.

Dogs are not like your ordinary variety omnivores, either. Their eating habits have led them to be called  opportunistic scavengers as they will eat just about anything that is presented to them. Not only do Dogs eat grass as a medicinal remedy to settle a gassy or upset tummy, they graze on grass as an alternative food source.   The results are usually the same.  It’s not a matter of if it will come back up, but when.  Rule of thumb in my household, if you spy a pet eating grass, it’s best to leave them outdoors for a period of time.  If your pet appears to be craving grass, try adding fresh vegetables to your pet’s diet. Wheatgrass is also a safe alternative and is readily available in most pet stores.


According to PetMD, watch out for a sudden increase in grass eating. It could be a sign of a more serious underlying illness that your dog or cat is trying to self treat, and that requires immediate veterinary assistance. Want to know what your pet’s symptoms may mean? Use petMD’s Pet Symptom Checker today to find out!

Boarding Fido and Fluffy


There are options for caring for your pet while you are away on vacation. You must take into account your pet’s adaptability  to change.  Some    pets   are    best
left at home in familiar surroundings with a pet sitter or neighbor. That is the case with my cat, Smoki.  Because dogs are typically more needy, I choose to board my dog, Baylie, when I’m away to increase her socialization skills with other dogs and people and to have fun!  After all, doggies need vacations too!  I’ve worked up to long stays by boarding her for short durations and enrolling her in doggie day care.

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Playdate With Cinn

On your mark, get set……

My pal, Cinnamon, and me on our latest play date.  Cinn, for short, is super fun!  We run and play for hours.  Mom makes sure we both have plenty of cool water to drink to stay hydrated.

Water break!

Baylie Dog – “Are Clothes Really A Necessity?”

I can’t move

Baylie here.  When mom rescued me on that fateful day last January, and I settled into my new home, mom and I sat down to have a little tete-a-tete …you know, girl to girl to lock down some house rules.  I put my paw down on a multitude of issues, but most notably of which is that, “I will not wear frou-frou doggie clothes; end of conversation.  Seems I should have expanded the no frou-frou clothes clause in my contractual agreement to read  “no clothes of any description or on any occasion; no how, no way.”  

Now, I don’t think the no clothes clause should be a mandatory rule for all doggies; as some of us K-9’s  love to play dress-up and look super cute in a frilly frock.  However, I’m just not the girly girl type.  I fit the mold of the rough and tumble tomgirlpup of a gal. My idea of fun is playing ball or frisbee in the back yard.  Frilly dresses and digging in the dirt; my favorite pastime, just don’t mesh.

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Dog Parks – A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog

Baylie Playing Frisbee

One dilemma I faced with being a new dog owner was where to find dog-friendly parks in my area.  What I discovered was there were not many options for my Baylie to romp and experience new sights and sounds.   Baylie gets plenty of exercise in her huge back yard, goes on walks each day, socializes with other dogs on a regular basis, goes to the two-pet-friendly parks we have in the area and is enrolled in puppy classes. All are key to having a well-adjusted dog.  Socialization prevents a dog from being skittish or aggressive when they are placed in unfamiliar situations. Puppy classes are great for socialization as is doggie daycare.

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