Top 10 Pet Friendly Colleges

It’s time to leave the nest as you move away from home for the first time to enroll in college.  It can be a difficult transition leaving family and  friends behind.  But, what about Fido or fluffy, the cat, that has been your constant companion since childhood?    It has never occurred to me that taking a pet along with you to college would be feasible or even allowed on campus.  After some research on the subject, I found that there are schools that offer flexible policies regarding pets.

While bringing a pet from home can ease the transition to college life, there are many other advantages to housing a pet, says Wendy Toth, editor of pet resource site “A lot of students take in a lot of different factors when deciding where they want to go to school, but I know a lot of them worry about the feeling of fitting in,” Toth says. “A huge advantage is that pets provide social support.”

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My feline sister, Smoki, thinks we need a laugh on this Monday!


My feline sister, Smoki thinks we need a laugh on this Monday!

I’ve called this meeting to talk about THE D.O.G.S.

Smoki, My Feline Sister

Answering my emails

Hi, my name is Smoki.  I’m the queen of my domain. I rule the roost.  My canine sister, Baylie, has learned to live by rules.

I was born in Mobile, Alabama  and was adopted by my human mom when I was very young. I was not yet weaned, so I had to be fed by my human mom from a tiny bottle. I’m 13 years old now,  and I love spending time both outdoors and indoors.  But now that my sister, Baylie, has come into our family, I prefer spending most days outdoors, but I’m safely tucked into bed with my human mom when night comes. I love being outside in nature where I chase butterflies and lizards and chatter at the birds. In the Summer months, I enjoy watching the hummingbirds that come to our feeders.  Indoors, I spend my time playing with my catnip squirrel and other toys.  And, I’m always up for a game of hide n’ seek with my mom!

May Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

May is Pet Cancer Awareness week.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in cats and dogs. knowing the symptoms can help you and your vet diagnose and treat your pet sooner. I lost a pet Chihuahua over 30 years ago due to cancer.  Cancer treatments were not as advanced and sophisticated as they are today for our pet companions.  Surgery was usually the only option with no treatment follow-up available.  Cancer treatment has evolved to the degree that your pet’s condition may be resolved or well-managed with surgery, radiation, medication, or other remedies.

Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center, based out of Fort Collins, CO, is renowned for its oncology department. Here are some clues from CSU on signs to watch for.  While no one sign purely indicates cancer, a cat or dog displaying two or more of these symptoms should be taken to the veterinarian for an exam so that he or she can be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly. As with any disease, the sooner you or your veterinarian pick it up, the sooner you can diagnose and treat it and the better the potential prognosis. Don’t make the mistake of missing some subtle signs of your pet’s illness.

  1. Abnormal swelling that persists or continue to grow
  2. Sores that do not heal
  3. Weight loss
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Bleeding or discharge from any orifice  of  the body
  6. Offensive odor (which may be due to a tumor in the nose, mouth, or rectal area)
  7. Difficulty eating or swallowing
  8. Exercise intolerance, hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina
  9. Persistent lameness (which may be due to bone, nerve or muscle cancer)
  10. Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating

While no one sign purely indicates cancer, a cat or dog displaying two or more of these symptoms should be taken to the veterinarian for an exam so that he or she can be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly. As with any disease, the sooner you or your veterinarian pick it up, the sooner you can diagnose and treat it and the better the potential prognosis. Don’t make the mistake of missing some subtle signs of your pet’s illness. When in doubt, as your pet ages, talk to your veterinarian about skipping the vaccines. Instead, I recommend doing geriatric blood work, X-rays or even ultrasound to diagnose problems sooner.

“Adopt, Don’t Shop”


“Adopt, Don’t Shop”

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire -05/08/12)-  Mike Wolfe, star of The History Channel’s American Pickers is featured in the latest PSA for Last Chance for Animals’ Adopt, Don’t Shop! campaign. The PSA, created by famed celebrity photographer Christopher Ameruoso, aims to educate viewers about the horror of puppy mills and encourages getting treasured companion animals from shelters. Watch the PSA here.

Sitting next to Bentley, a St. Bernard rescued from death row, Wolfe states, “Four million animals are euthanized because they can’t find a home and a staggering number of them are older animals, just like Bentley. Let’s give them a chance to become an American classic. Help save man’s best friend. Adopt, Don’t Shop!”

In addition to the video, Wolfe joins celebrities such as Maria Menounos, Missi Pyle, Pamela Anderson, Holly Madison, Mike Tyson, Mackenzie Phillips, and Jillian Michaels in the latest of 27 print ads Ameruoso has produced for LCA.

“I encourage everyone to share this PSA far and wide. The more people who see the wonderful work Christopher Ameruoso and Mike Wolfe have created together, the fewer animals will die in shelters,” says Chris DeRose, LCA Founder and President.

For more information about puppy mills and pet stores visit LCA’s Adopt, Don’t Shop! webpage.

To view and share additional LCA PSAs and posters created by Christopher Ameruoso visit LCA’s PSA webpage.

LCA, a national animal rights organization based in Los Angeles has been active for nearly three decades. Founded and led by animal expert, author, and actor, Chris DeRose, LCA’s roots began in exposing the inherent cruelty of vivisection. LCA fights for the rights of animals by conducting investigations that expose animal cruelty, launching public awareness campaigns, pushing animal friendly legislation and helping prosecute animal abusers.


Adjusting To Life With Baylie

If someone had told me that I would become the parent of a bouncing, four-pound baby girl at my ripe old age, I would have said they are one sandwich short of a  picnic.   Now that I have sparked your curiosity, I’m talking about being the parent of a four-legged K-9 commonly referred to as a DOG. My habitat is now home to a six week old rescue. She is a Great Pyrenees/ Border Collie mix that I could not bear to see go to a shelter. After the vet identified her as part Great Pyrenees, I Googled the breed. My first thought, after I picked myself up off the floor, was why could I not have rescued a Chihuahua rather than a dog that has the potential to weigh far more than the cat and I combined.

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My 10 Reasons To Adopt a Puppy

1.          Guaranteed weight loss without spending a dime on gym membership.  I lost 8 lbs. and three inches.

2.         Puppies make excellent cleaners. Any morsel of food, crumbs, paper or spills  are lapped up by your puppy in a nanosecond.

3.       No need for an alarm clock. Your wake-up call for the next six months will be when the sun comes up or when it’s time for puppy’s breakfast or potty whichever occurs first. You’ll also get to see what your back yard looks like in the moonlight at 3:00 a.m. while you are out potty training.

4.         You’ll never worry about your cat becoming bored or obese. She will now  get plenty of exercise and stimulation running  laps inside the house; jumping from furniture to furniture to avoid the puppy.

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The Beginning

Hi. My name is Baylie.  I’m a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix. My mom rescued me from an awful situation when I was about 6 weeks old. I was found by a nice man who scooped me up when my K-9 mom dropped me from her mouth while running.   What made it super scary for me was that we were running on the side of a busy highway and there was a big bad dog chasing us.  My K-9 Mom tried her best to …hold on to me really tight, but I was just too heavy.  But that’s o.k. she did the best she could.  So the nice man saw her drop me so he scooped me up really fast so the mean dog couldn’t get me. He tried to help my K-9 Mom, too, but she ran.

The Dreaded Vet Visit

  This post is dedicated to my feline sister, Smoki.  As you will see, she just hates going to the vet!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Not because it’s the end of Summer, or onslaught of the cold Winter months, or even the beginning of the school year I’ve come to dread, it’s my kitty, Smoki’s, annual vet visit.  Really, it’s much more intense than performing a sneak attack to capture her when the ever so dreaded cat carrier comes out of hiding each year. That I can handle. This is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  I even took my sister along once just to prove my point.  Her first words were: “I didn’t know that cats could growl” followed by the Vet telling her she needed to either remain in the exam room or shut the door.  You see, every time Smoki growled and banged the side of the carrier, my sister made a mad dash into the hall. I don’t know which behavior was more disturbing, my sister or my cat.

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