Smoki’s Bio

Hi, my name is Smoki.  I’m the queen of my domain. I rule the roost.  My K-9 sister, Baylie, does not yet adhere to my rules, but she’s still a pup and will figure it out in time.

I was adopted by my human mom when I was very young. I wasn’t yet weaned, so I had to be fed by my human mom from a tiny bottle. I’m 11 years old now,  and I love spending time both outdoors and indoors.  But now that my sister, Baylie, has come into our family, I prefer spending most days outdoors, but I’m safely tucked into bed with my human mom when night comes. I love being outside in nature where I chase butterflies and lizards and chatter at the birds. In the Summer months, I enjoy watching the hummingbirds that come to our feeders.  Indoors, I spend my time playing with my catnip squirrel and other toys.  And, I’m always up for a game of hide n’ seek with my mom!