Tried and True Solutions For Housetraining your Puppy


House training a new puppy requires commitment, patience and consistency/routine. Your puppy will do best on a schedule.  They will soon learn when it is time to eat, sleep play and potty.  The following are a few tips that I followed to successfully train my four-week old great pyrenees/border collie mix.  It was trial and error but with minimal mishaps along the way.

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Baylie’s 2013 Montage of Selfies

Barks, love and lots of kisses to all who followed my journey in 2013!

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy 2014 filled with joy and love.  May all your dreams and aspirations come true. 

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”   ―     Karen Davison

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick  is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March and is named after Saint Patrick;  the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland. It’s a day Christians attend church services and the Lenten restrictions of  fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter are lifted for the day.

My mom is Irish, but then again, isn’t everyone on St. Patrick’s Day; the day everyone and everything takes on somewhat of a green hue.  In my town, even the court square fountain water is dyed green.  So I knew it was inevitable; true to tradition, mom would most surely come up with something green for me to wear today.

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The Risks Involved in Filling Your Pet’s Meds at a Human Pharmacy

Until a few weeks ago, it had never occurred to me that I may have the option of getting my pet’s meds filled at a human pharmacy.  That is, until I saw a news story on one of the national news channels warning of the consequences of doing so.  I thought everyone did as I have done in the past with my pet’s prescriptions; walked out the door of my veterinarian’s office with meds in hand or as some pet owners prefer to do;  order their pet meds online.  Why would one choose to have pet meds filled at a human pharmacy, you ask?  Cost.  Some say you can get them at a human pharmacy for a price much more reasonable than what the vet will charge. I’m not convinced of that theory.

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It’s National Popcorn Day!

It’s National Popcorn Day!  Americans eat about 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year (about 51 quarts per person), which makes it one of the most popular snacks in the country. It is also one of the oldest.

To pay homage, here is my popcorn eating video from awhile back.  I think I’ve mastered the art of puppy popcorn catching, don’t you?  I missed my first attempt, but quickly get in the groove!

Meet My Feline Friend, Frankie-The Perils Associated With a Morbidly Obese Cat

This is my dear friend, Elisabeth Gardner, with her rescue cat Frankie. Frankie lives in my town, and I plan to post more about Frankie’s journey when I visit  Frankie.  We will discuss the medical issues associated with a morbidly obese cat per Dr. Norman of The Ark Animal Hospital in a later post, but I first wanted to introduce you to Frankie.  You can follow Frankie’s journey through his Facebook page, FrankieThe 30lb Cat, as he begins his weight-loss journey.

Frankie’s rescue story began in Mobile, Alabama where he was surrendered, at 11 years old and morbidly obese, so his family could travel in their RV.  Elisabeth, through Have a Heart Rescue in Birmingham, Alabama, drove over three hours to Mobile, Alabama to rescue Frankie. Frankie is now in a loving home and under the care of a local vet (my feline sister’s vet, as well) and on a strict diet. In the attached video,    Ashley Norman, D.V.M, of Ark Animal Hospital in Millbrook, Alabama, discusses some of the problems associated with an obese cat.

Hope you will stop by  Frankie’s Facebook page and say hello to Frankie and his family. His mom, Elisabeth, has such a kind spirit for all animals. Thanks to Elisabeth and her husband, Paul, for giving Frankie a loving home and the medical care he so desperately needs!

“Madonna of the Mills”-What I Didn’t Know About Puppy Mills

Typical Puppy Mill

Typical Puppy Mill

Recently, I sent my mom to BarkWorld Expo 2012; a National Social Petworking Conference in Atlanta Georgia.  In one of the educational sessions, she had the opportunity to listen to a keynote speaker by the name of Andy Nibley. Andy recently wrote and directed an award-winning documentary about puppy mills entitled Madonna of The Mills, which was purchased by HBO. He currently lives in Greenwich Village with his wife Kelly, who was the producer for Madonna of the Mills, and their dog Maisy.  While this post will contain subject matter that will tug at your heartstrings, we at Baylie Dog feel that it is our obligation to pass this message on to our readers and to shed light on the horrific puppy mill trade, the breeders and the pet stores that sell the animals.

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Red Carpet Cat 2012 Emmy Event

Red Carpet Cat Emmy badge

Congratulations Deborah D for Winning the Canine Cool Hipster Bag from Baylie Dog’s paticipation in The Tiniest Tiger’s Red Carpet Cat Twitter Party and Blog Tour!!!!!  Here’s her foster pup, Cami giving inspecting the loot!!!!!   

Baylie Dog and are super excited to have been asked to join Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and her Conservation Cub Club for the #RedCarpetCat Twitter Party and the Red Carpet Cat Walk Blog Tour.  Hosted by Event Barkers, there will be fun and prizes for Cat and Dog lovers!  To celebrate this special event, be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 19 from 5:30-7:00 pm Pacific 6:30-8:00 Mountain, 7:30-9:30 Central, 8:30-10:30 Eastern.

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Life With Baylie- From Puppy to Adolescence

It’s been nearly five months now since this rambunctious, four-pound banchie of a furball named Baylie came into my life. The times I look at her and ask “Baylie, are we going to make it?” after she has gotten into some type of mischief or caused me great strife,  have become less frequent. Two, three and four months in,  I was still asking myself, “what have I done?  Can I really handle this dog”  along with,why can’t she be as fastidious as the cat and I“?  As is the case with any relationship, you go through the honeymoon stage and then the harsh reality sets in.
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