Top 10 Pet Friendly Colleges

It’s time to leave the nest as you move away from home for the first time to enroll in college.  It can be a difficult transition leaving family and  friends behind.  But, what about Fido or fluffy, the cat, that has been your constant companion since childhood?    It has never occurred to me that taking a pet along with you to college would be feasible or even allowed on campus.  After some research on the subject, I found that there are schools that offer flexible policies regarding pets.

While bringing a pet from home can ease the transition to college life, there are many other advantages to housing a pet, says Wendy Toth, editor of pet resource site “A lot of students take in a lot of different factors when deciding where they want to go to school, but I know a lot of them worry about the feeling of fitting in,” Toth says. “A huge advantage is that pets provide social support.”

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