The Risks Involved in Filling Your Pet’s Meds at a Human Pharmacy

Until a few weeks ago, it had never occurred to me that I may have the option of getting my pet’s meds filled at a human pharmacy.  That is, until I saw a news story on one of the national news channels warning of the consequences of doing so.  I thought everyone did as I have done in the past with my pet’s prescriptions; walked out the door of my veterinarian’s office with meds in hand or as some pet owners prefer to do;  order their pet meds online.  Why would one choose to have pet meds filled at a human pharmacy, you ask?  Cost.  Some say you can get them at a human pharmacy for a price much more reasonable than what the vet will charge. I’m not convinced of that theory.

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It’s National Popcorn Day!

It’s National Popcorn Day!  Americans eat about 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year (about 51 quarts per person), which makes it one of the most popular snacks in the country. It is also one of the oldest.

To pay homage, here is my popcorn eating video from awhile back.  I think I’ve mastered the art of puppy popcorn catching, don’t you?  I missed my first attempt, but quickly get in the groove!

Super Dog Sunday™ – A Pet Photo Contest Benefitting Petfinder Foundation

Is your pet ready for some football?   Baylie Dog and Baylie are thrilled to be a  part of a special event hosted by Event Barkers along with and called Super Dog Sunday™; a photo contest that is a 100 percent charitable event benefiting  the
Petfinder Foundation.

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Baylie’s 10 New Year’s Resolutions

1.  I’ll use my “inside” voice when barking indoors

2.  I’ll make a conscious effort not to stare at the cat

3.  I’ll refrain from pilfering from the cat’s litter box

4.  I’ll do my best, but no promises, to stop stealing the cat’s food

5.  I’ll refrain from sitting down and refusing to budge when mom and I are on our walks

6.  I’ll desperately try to perfect the art of calm greetings with the two-legged creatures

7.  I’ll stop hogging the sofa and trying to sleep on mom’s face

8.  I’ll stop snatching paper towels off the kitchen counter and eating them

9.  I’ll not put up a big fuss when mom gets the crazy urge to play dress-up with me

10.  I’ll give mom even more love and slobbery kisses in 2013 than in 2012!

XOXOX  Baylie Dog

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Baylie Dog here. Just recently, mom attended BarkWorld Conference and Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.  What is BarkWorld, you ask?  It’s a  National Pet Social Media Networking Conference and Expo.  Can you believe that mom didn’t take me along even though pets were allowed?  Sheesh!

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Dog Rules For Humans

I, officially, endorse these Dog Rules for Humans.  Signed, Baylie Dog.  hahahaha


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve “ya’ll”.  Mom’s working this afternoon, so I think I’ll begin cooking since she will be tired when she returns home.  What do you think?  I graduated magna cum doggie in my culinary class.
I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving; my first Thanksgiving ever, that I don’t know where to begin.  I’m grateful that my mom rescued me and gave me a safe, loving home.  I’m grateful for my warm bed, good food and treats, yes, plenty of treats. I’m grateful for my family and so many friends, both two legged and four legged, who love me.  And, you heard it here. I’m also grateful for my feline sister, Smoki, who keeps me in line and lets me know who is the boss when I get too uppity for my own good.
I wish for you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, and I thank you for being my friend!
Woof and love, xoxox Baylie Dog, Smoki and mom

My Name is Baylie Dog and I’m a Digger

Baylie Dog here.  I’m ashamed, but I can’t help myself.  Yes, it’s true. There is a seedy  side to my private persona; I’m a digger.  My digging sometimes puts me in time out by mom.  But, she loves me so much it usually doesn’t last very long.  Afterwards, I feel very guilty and sad that I have disappointed my mom, so I turn on my cuteness and give her sad puppy dog eyes and she melts. She’s a softy like that.

Mom’s tried different means to break me of my habit; even consulting advice from experts.  Some, I had rather not go into detail about because it involves procedures that, to tell you the truth, are just down right embarrassing.  I also dig after it rains.  What dog doesn’t love the cool, damp dirt and mud between their toes.  Of course, I also transfer it onto the patio and inside if I can slip by mom and get into the house.  Mud  transforms me into a hot, muddy mess as you can see by this photo.  And, the bad thing is, I’m not like my feline fursister, Smoki, who can wash up on her own.  I’m pretty well stuck with the mud until mom gives me a ~~~bath~~~ ugh!

If you have any advice for my mom to prevent me from digging,  I would love to hear about it so I can pass it on to mom, as she is at her wit’s end.   She now thinks my digging may have something to do with separation anxiety.  Because I never dig when she is outside with me.  It’s only when she leaves me alone in the yard.  That could be true, as I’m a mama’s girl and always will be.  Don’t tell anyone but I still crawl up in her lap on the sofa to sleep. I feel safe when I do this. I tried to convince mom that this digging thing is just in my genes; I’m a dog, duh.  And, I’m a working dog, so my job description includes digging and herding.

Woof and love, Baylie Dog!




Veterans Day – A Time To Reflect, Remember and Give Thanks To Those Who Served

Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed that my 12 year-old cat appears to be losing weight. I’ve always used the free-feed feeding method for Smoki and until now, it has worked really well. Weight loss in cats can be triggered by a number of reasons.  First and foremost, eliminate diseases and disorders, dental problems or gastrointestinal issues by taking your cat to the vet for blood work and a good once over.  Smoki’s exam revealed no medical reason for her weight loss.  As they age, cats are likely to show changes in weight.  Just as humans, their metabolism changes. Some may get a little hippy, while some may lose weight. Smoki showed no symptoms of illness other than  weight loss.

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