Dogs Eat Grass Too?

Ahhh…My Outdoor Green Salad

We all know that cats love to eat grass, but until Baylie Dog came into the family, I had no idea that dogs loved to graze on grass the same as their catty carnivore nemesis.

Dogs are not like your ordinary variety omnivores, either. Their eating habits have led them to be called  opportunistic scavengers as they will eat just about anything that is presented to them. Not only do Dogs eat grass as a medicinal remedy to settle a gassy or upset tummy, they graze on grass as an alternative food source.   The results are usually the same.  It’s not a matter of if it will come back up, but when.  Rule of thumb in my household, if you spy a pet eating grass, it’s best to leave them outdoors for a period of time.  If your pet appears to be craving grass, try adding fresh vegetables to your pet’s diet. Wheatgrass is also a safe alternative and is readily available in most pet stores.


According to PetMD, watch out for a sudden increase in grass eating. It could be a sign of a more serious underlying illness that your dog or cat is trying to self treat, and that requires immediate veterinary assistance. Want to know what your pet’s symptoms may mean? Use petMD’s Pet Symptom Checker today to find out!