Tried and True Solutions For Housetraining your Puppy


House training a new puppy requires commitment, patience and consistency/routine. Your puppy will do best on a schedule.  They will soon learn when it is time to eat, sleep play and potty.  The following are a few tips that I followed to successfully train my four-week old great pyrenees/border collie mix.  It was trial and error but with minimal mishaps along the way.

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Life With Baylie- From Puppy to Adolescence

It’s been nearly five months now since this rambunctious, four-pound banchie of a furball named Baylie came into my life. The times I look at her and ask “Baylie, are we going to make it?” after she has gotten into some type of mischief or caused me great strife,  have become less frequent. Two, three and four months in,  I was still asking myself, “what have I done?  Can I really handle this dog”  along with,why can’t she be as fastidious as the cat and I“?  As is the case with any relationship, you go through the honeymoon stage and then the harsh reality sets in.
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